December 18, 2018 admin


The journey tells a story and without the journey there can be no story to tell.

M. Olubi Solicitors was established on 1 October 2003 by the Principal – Moses Olubisose. On 1 October 2013, there was a spectacular 10th anniversary celebration with friends, family and clients alike. Getting to that ‘milestone’ was the beginning; the Firm is heading for its second decade. There were many challenges; however, to the glory of God, each of these challenges was overcome, with ease.

On behalf of the Firm and all the staff, I take the opportunity to express our profound gratitude to God Almighty, and to appreciate each of the individuals and organisations who have helped the Firm thus far. ‘The Journey’ is dedicated to the memories of beloved late Adenike Olubisose.

We look forward to the next decade with great aspiration and expectation. God bless you.

Moses Olubisose