Terms of business with M. Olubi Solicitors have been drawn up with the interest of our clients in mind.

Our work for you

Each matter we carry out for you will be governed by these terms of business and by a separate engagement letter (or an electronic equivalent) which will contain the terms specific to that matter. If there is any difference or conflict between the two documents, the terms of the engagement letter will rule.

Our standards

We always strive to meet and hope, exceed our clients’ expectations. We are bound by the professional standards and guidelines set by the Law Society and will act in accordance with them.


The basis of calculation of our fees for each matter will be set out in our agreement letter. In majority of cases, the M. Olubi Solicitors would aim to agree a fee with the Clients beforehand, so that Clients can be certain of their financial obligations before instructing the Firm. Where fees are not agreed at the onset, the following charges are applicable for key works done either by Solicitors, Assistant Solicitors or experienced Caseworkers Regardless of the area of law on which the Firm is instructed: Initial Consultation is charged at £100 per hour. Other work as describe below:-

Writing routine letter £25.00
Receiving routine letter £25.00
Making telephone call (5 mins or less) £25.00
Receiving telephone call (5 mins or less) £25.00
Telephone calls (each subsequent 5 mins) £20.00
Sent or Received Text messages £25.00
Hourly Traveling and Waiting £100.00
Hourly Attendance & Preparations £150.00
Hourly Advocacy £200.00

All our fee are exclusive of VAT and disbursements. As disbursements vary from time to time and depend on works being carried out and application/representations/appeal/review type; in all cases, it is the standard policy of M. Olubi Solicitors to inform the Clients first, of the costs of any disbursements; unless this is impracticable for operational reasons. NB: The Firm’s fees above have remained unchanged for over 15 years.

Time-based fees

Where our fees are based on the time spent, we will provide a fee estimate to you. Circumstances can arise that may result in that estimate being exceeded. Examples are where there are more meetings, or greater number of drafts, than originally anticipated. If it becomes apparent that any fee estimate is likely to be exceeded, we will promptly inform you, discuss this with you and agree with you how best to manage this. We will not exceed an estimate without your prior approval. The only exceptional circumstance where that could happen is where a time overrun occurs and the proper conduct of the matter does not give us the opportunity of discussing this with you before the overrun occurs. However, we will do so as soon as possible after that.

Fixed fees

In the case of work undertaken for a fixed fee, the scope of the work, and the assumptions on which the fee has been fixed, will be specific in the engagement letter. If any change in that scope or those assumptions is requested by you, or becomes necessary as the matter proceeds, we will discuss that change and we will agree the impact, if any, of those changes on the fixed fee.

Capped fees

In case of larger matters where the fee is based on time, we may agree a fee cap. Any change in the scope of the work, or on the assumptions on which the fee has been capped, will be dealt with in a similar way to that described above in relation to the fixed fees.


Unless instructed otherwise, we will communicate with you via phone, letter, e-mail or fax. In the case of e-mails, it is not our current practice to encrypt documents sent via the Internet. You will be aware that it is not a secure or virus-free environment. We do use virus-checking software but we cannot guarantee that this is 100% reliable so you should use your own methods of checking communications. Please note that in all cases, we do not accept any form of service by email.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Communications between us are confidential and may be protected by legal privilege as well. Any personal data that we obtain from you about any of your employees, officers or any third parties will only be disclosed for the purpose of carrying out professional legal services.


Please let us know at any time you are dissatisfied with the services provided and we will do our best to address your concerns. Your business is very important to us and we never forget that you have a choice and that you have a right to complain to the Regulatory body, if you are dissatisfied with our services or the way and manner in which we have dealt with any complaints raised. Should a Client has a complaint, the following are the Firm’s complaint procedures:

  • Make a written complain to the Solicitor/Caseworker who has conduct of the case.
  • The Solicitor/Caseworker will make contact within 48 hours to arrange a meeting.
  • If not satisfied after the initial meeting, then the Client can refer the matter to the Practice Manager.
  • The Practice Manager will make contact with Client within 5 days to arrange a meeting in order to resolve matter.
  • If still dissatisfied, the Client can then ask the Principal to look into the complaint.
  • The Principal will then ask for the full report from the Practice Manager and make contact with the Client within 28 days of being contacted, with a view to resolve matter amicably.
  • Having receive a report from the Practice Manager,the Principal may seek further details from the Client before letting the Client know how the matter can be resolved or alternatively, ask the client to refer the matter to the Legal Ombudsman, which must be done within 6 months.

Regulatory Matters

In order to comply with regulatory requirements, we will need to verify the identity of our clients and of any individuals who purport to give instructions on their behalf. Typically, verification will take the form of asking for a copy of the page from each individual’s passport that contains their photographs and a copy of a utility bill (not more than three months old) showing their address. Under Money Laundering regulations, we may be required to reveal information to the appropriate authorities in relation to any suspicion of money laundering. If we take such action, we are prevented by the law from informing you.

Referrals & sub-contracting

We work with a number of other law firms who have particular areas of speciality outside our own. In some cases, we may receive referral fee from those law firms. If we refer you to any other firm with whom we have referral friendship, we will disclose this to you. We may engage other lawyers on a sub-contract basis to assist us when providing our services to you. Unless otherwise agreed with you, we will engage them and be responsible for payment of their fees.

Governing law & Jurisdictions

Each engagement will be governed by English law. If any dispute arises between us, we will try and resolve it by negotiation, which may include the use of a recognised mediation service. If the dispute cannot be resolved in that way, the dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Legal Aid

Please note that this firm does not provide legal advice on a pro-bono basis or on legal aid. All potential clients are advised of their rights to seek further assistance from alternative firms who are specialists in public funded works or pro-bono basis. All our works are on private paying basis.

Free Consultation*

Free consultation is limited to 10 minutes for the first visit.

Saturday Opening*

Appointment subject to availability.