Our Immigration and Human Rights department is dedicated exclusively to matters related to Entry Clearance, Immigration, Asylum, Human Right and Nationality. We have assisted many foreign nationals seeking entry into the United Kingdom and have extensive experience in preparing all categories of Immigration applications and procedures individuals, families and business people alike.
We have represented clients throughout all stages of UK immigration processes, from applications before coming to the UK (entry clearances), applications/appeals within (in-country), to citizenship of the United Kingdom (nationality). The Principal of the firm, with exemplary tract records of many years of experience is a renowned conference speaker on UK Immigration Law and contributor to various magazines/journals.


We understand how difficult, challenging and ever-changing employment law can prove to be for employers and employees alike. Our mission is to make life easier for our clients by providing clarity and guiding them through this complex area of the law. Acting for employers, our aim is to become an extension of their HR team, to help them take a strategic view on employment law issues and to anticipate and plan ahead. We deal with all forms of Court and Tribunal litigation as well as providing advice on all aspects of the employment relationship; including but not limited to:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Compromise/settlement agreements
  • Discrimination
  • Breach of contract
  • Court and Tribunal litigation
  • Employment contracts
  • Termination of employment


Disputes sometimes arise and this can be very stressful for both tenants and landlords. Getting the right advice is important in order to manage the already tensed situation.

Our Team will provide you with their best support with regards amongst others; in cases of eviction, disrepair, rehousing, etc. If for whatever reason, they are unable to take on your matter, they will point you in the right direction.


At M. Olubi Solicitors, we recognise that family breakdown has both a legal and an emotional cost, and seek to ensure that, so far as possible, these costs are kept to the minimum. The legal process of divorce focuses upon establishing that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, and satisfying the court that the needs of any dependent children have been properly considered and addressed. Efficient systems have been established at M. Olubi Solicitors to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible without undue expense.
A great deal of attention is given to dealing with divorces in a manner designed to avoid inflaming the intense emotions that often accompany separation and divorce. We understand that the legal process of obtaining a divorce is a very small element of the transition that must take place after a marriage breaks down. A constructive (though necessarily sometimes firm) approach to the legal steps can help clients move forward through the emotional and social elements of the separation process.
In appropriate circumstances, referrals to counselling and/or mediation can also help this process, and will ensure that clients have the best opportunity to emerge from their divorces emotionally intact and ready to embark on the next stages of their lives.


We understand that no one wants to be involved in costly and time-consuming litigation. Where appropriate, we can help our clients to resolve disputes by exploring with them alternatives to litigation including mediation, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution. Our aim is to provide clarity of thought and expression, firmness of purpose and cost-effectiveness in the provision of our services.


At M Olubi Solicitors, we offer a full range of services to those involved with the police and the criminal courts. We are able to advise you as to your position at any time of the day or night. Help is always available in any of the following situations:

Have you been arrested? If the police have arrested you, you ordinarily have the right to take independent legal advice at any time that you are at the police station. We can offer you advice and representation at the police station once we are instructed. This is an important right and one you should take advantage of. In many cases the advice and assistance provided at the police station will affect whether proceedings are brought against you or how those proceedings will progress later.

Are you charged with an offence? Either a person being charged with an offence or being summonsed to attend court will start most criminal prosecutions. Our criminal solicitors will offer you the necessary advice as to the nature of the prosecution, the rules of procedure that will govern the proceedings, your rights as an accused person and of course advice as to whether a guilty or not guilty plea is appropriate. If you are pleading not guilty then we can assist in the preparation of your case for trial and of course provide representation at the trial itself. If you are pleading guilty we can offer invaluable advice as to the presentation of your mitigation to the court.

Remanded in Custody? Very often criminal proceedings may take several weeks if not months before they are finally dealt with at court. If you are remanded in custody, then specialist advice should be sought as regards the exercise of your right to bail and as to the presentation of applications for bail. Legal representation at this stage is vital.

Is your child or a child you care for in trouble? Many parents face the situation where their child for whatever reason gets into trouble with the police. If you are in this position you should contact us immediately. We can advise you and your child as to how to approach such problems in a manner that will secure the best possible result.

Police complaints and actions against the police. Often we are consulted by clients who believe that they have been unfairly or unlawfully treated by the police. If you are in this position we can advise you as to how to pursue your grievance both under the police complaints procedures and through the courts. Our civil litigation team will be able to advise and assist you in pursuing claims against the police in the civil courts.

Any type of offence – we can help whatever the type of the offence or whatever your status (company or individual) our criminal solicitors has the experience and expertise to help you. If you would like further information as to your position or for example your eligibility for legal aid or if you would like more information about M Olubi Solicitors, please contact us today.

Legal Aid

Note that we do not operate on legal aid or do any form of work on public funds. All our works are on private paying basis. If in need of legal aid or other form of public funds, it is advisable to contact other firms holding such a franchise or the governing bodies.

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