Our Immigration and Human Rights department is dedicated exclusively to matters related to Entry Clearance, Immigration, Asylum, Human Right and Nationality.


We understand how difficult, challenging and ever-changing employment law can prove to be for employers and employees alike. Our mission is to make life easier for our clients by providing clarity and guiding them through this complex area of the law.


Disputes sometimes arise and this can be very stressful for both tenants and landlords. Getting the right advice is important in order to manage the already tensed situation.


At M. Olubi Solicitors, we recognise that family breakdown has both a legal and an emotional cost, and seek to ensure that, so far as possible, these costs are kept to the minimum.


We understand that no one wants to be involved in costly and time-consuming litigation. Where appropriate, we can help our clients to resolve disputes.


At M. Olubi Solicitors, we offer a full range of services to those involved with the police and the criminal courts. We are able to advise you as to your position at any time of the day or night.


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