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M. Olubi Solicitors take passion in the provision of legal services, hence the phrase ‘commitment to excellence’, as quality is at the forefront of everything we do. With each case, it is the firm’s approach to offer the best legal advice free of charge for the first visit, without obligation whatsoever. The firm believes in a ‘hands-on’ approach to the law backed with personal attention to details. The firm’s creativity and consistency has achieved great results over the years which far exceeded expectations.

We will always discuss with clients, our terms of business before embarking upon any transaction and we will not leave you in the ‘dark’ as to what is happening on your matter. We value our clients and aim to keep each client satisfied at all times, as they are the reasons we are who we are – M. Olubi Solicitors.


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Following are the services we specialize and provide to your clients.


Our Immigration and Human Rights department is dedicated exclusively to matters related to Entry Clearance, Immigration, Asylum, Human Right and Nationality.


We understand how difficult, challenging and ever-changing employment law can prove to be for employers and employees alike.  Our mission is to make life easier for our clients by providing clarity and guiding them through this complex area of the law.


Disputes sometimes arise and this can be very stressful for both tenants and landlords. Getting the right advice is important in order to manage the already tensed situation.


At M. Olubi Solicitors, we recognise that family breakdown has both a legal and an emotional cost, and seek to ensure that, so far as possible, these costs are kept to the minimum.


We understand that no one wants to be involved in costly and time-consuming litigation.  Where appropriate, we can help our clients to resolve disputes.


At M. Olubi Solicitors, we offer a full range of services to those involved with the police and the criminal courts. We are able to advise you as to your position at any time of the day or night.


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M. Olubi Solicitors have been at the forefront of the legal profession for well over a decade with Mr. Moses Olubisose at the helm with a clear commitment to excellence.

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Over 18,940 extremely satisfied customers!

Olusola Saheed

Quality, excellent and professional service

15th March 2014

Quality, excellent and professional service guaranteed at M. Olubi Solicitors. Will recommend at anytime!!!

Olusola SaheedClient
Ramata Fadiga

Highly recommend to anyone

15th March 2014

It has been wonderful doing business with Mr. Olubi for more than 20 years.  I have seen M. Olubi grow from strength to strength in over 10 years.  Highly recommended to anyone.

Ramata FadigaClient
Mr. and Mrs. Oyeleye

Profound gratitude and appreciation

20th March 2014

We express our profound gratitude and appreciation to all at M. Olubi Solicitors for their support and professionalism. We give God Almighty thanks for the insight that He gave them to assist us.  May God continue to bless M. Olubi Solicitors.

Mr. and Mrs. OyeleyeClient
Joyce Mensah

Breath of fresh air

15th March 2014

My husband and I have dealt with M. Olubi Solicitors for several years now and are more than pleased with the level of services provided.  Mr. Olubi’s focus on the practicalities of immigration law, creative problem solving and integrity are a breath of fresh air.

Joyce MensahClient


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